EDM Piano Kontakt plugin is
a versatile and cutting-edge virtual instrument that seamlessly blends the organic warmth and richness of a traditional piano with the limitless creative possibilities of electronic music production.
Our classic piano perfectly captures the rich, authentic sound of a traditional grand piano, with its full, warm tones and intricate harmonics. With adjustable velocity curves and realistic pedal controls, this plugin lets you add a touch of classic sophistication and elegance to your compositions.
This instrument features recordings of a stunningly warm and authentic piano sound, captured on tape for an element of nostalgic and unique tonality.
Vinyl Keys
The lo-fi piano Kontakt plugin is designed to emulate the warm, vintage sound of
a degraded piano recording with added noise, filtering, and distortion effects.
The Soviet Synthesizer Format P432 plugin is a powerful analog synth that emulates the warm sound of vintage USSR-era synthesizers.
Rare vintage USSR digital synthesizer. Small soviet synth with nice analog sound of the classic Soviet sythesizers.